Dear Ph.D. Students,

first of all, welcome to the Ph.D. in Science and Technology for Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering.

In this web site you can find:

  1. Didactic Rules: about credits to be acquired during the first two years of your PhD
  2. Scientific Rules: about admission to the next Ph.D. year and to the Ph.D. final exam

Please read them with extreme attention and analyze it together with your Tutor.

The Ph.D. web site also contains a list of possible Courses and Schools for Ph.D. Students. They are referred mainly to the past (even if many Courses are provided periodically each year) because the information about the future will be sent to you in real-time by email. The web site will be immediately updated. Your didactic plans for 2020-2021 can be updated step by step depending both on the information I will forward but also depending on your proposals that must be agreed with your Tutor and with me.

I would like to know personally each of you. Please contact me to fix a meeting with you and your Tutor.

Other useful information:

  • Within the next middle of October, the Teaching Board of the Ph.D. must decide about your admission to the next year of your Ph.D. The decision will be taken on the basis of: a) an oral presentation (15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions and discussion) b) a detailed report (in English, in MS Word) of your activity from the beginning of your Ph.D. to be delivered by, indicatively, next September 20th, you will receive reminders about it, structured as follows:
    1. Description of the Research Activity (maximum 4 pages)
    2. Educational and Training Activity (followed Courses, Seminars, Schools)
    3. Your Publications (structured into Journals, magazines, book chapters, conferences)
    4. Followed Conferences and Workshops (both presenting and not presenting papers)
    5. Experiences developed outside the University of Genoa during your Ph.D. (either abroad or in Italy but not at the University of Genoa) specifying:
      1. Activity developed (very short)
      2. Period of time
      3. Hosting institution/industry
    6. Participation in Research Projects:
      1. Project Title and Description (very short)
      2. Developed Activity in the Project
    7. Awards and scientific recognitions

Please remind to include the electronic copies of all certifications attesting that you have passed the exams even if you have already sent them. Anyway, I will contact each of you personally before the report deadline to fix/discuss the credit matter.

  • From the administrative viewpoint please check the web site and, in case of doubts, ask to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Best Regards,


Maurizio Valle

Ph.D. STIET Coordinator